Why Choose Agile Fits?

At Agile Fits, we don’t just find you talent; we equip you with personalized agile solutions, real-world expertise, and homegrown AI tools that make your agile journey efficient and effective

Why Choose Agile Fits?

Personalized Agile

Every team is unique, and so is our approach to each. We tailor our agile methodologies to fit seamlessly into your organization's DNA, ensuring faster adoption and better results.

In-House Developed AI Tools

Our in-house developed AI tools work seamlessly with your existing Jira data to automate reports, evaluate story points, and calculate business value for your PI objectives. With us, your data isn't just stored; it's actively put to work to optimize your Agile processes. Choose Agile Fits for a specialized service that maximizes the value of your existing tools and data.

World Experience

Unlike generic recruitment agencies, our team is formed from experienced agile professionals. We've been in the trenches, and we know what real-world challenges look like.

Rigorous Certification Verification

Trust but verify. All our talents undergo stringent certification checks to ensure you're getting genuine expertise.

Comprehensive Agile Knowledge Assessment

Our video interview process isn’t just a chat. We assess agile knowledge through real-life scenarios and pertinent questions, ensuring both technical knowledge and the right soft skills.

Executive Coaching

If you’re just starting your agile journey or looking to refine it, our executive coaching can provide the guidance and insights you need. We adapt to any team or scale.

Precise Agile Maturity Diagnostics

Understanding where you stand is crucial. Our approach to measuring agile maturity is rigorous and based on proven models, offering you a clear roadmap to improvement.

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